Refund Policy

For courses and services purchased from our Training Partners(seller) through EDCORETMS,the refund policy covers the following:

For items: Item not received Item not as listed The item is of a different variation, such as size, colour, model or version The item is incomplete or has missing parts The item is damaged or there is one or more undisclosed defect(s) An item that is materially similar with subjective and non-significant variations from the seller's listing and description will not be accepted.

This includes: ✘ Item with signs of wear but was correctly listed as being in used condition ✘ Non-significant variations, including quality, for example:
Item listed as light blue but received as sky blue Item listed as palm-sized but received at 14cm Item listed as 7/10 but receiver claims it is more of a 5/10

For courses: Where the seller agrees that a refund is in order, the refund must be obtained directly from the seller and not from EDCORETMS. This is because a post-settlement would have already taken place between EDCORETMS and the seller.

How can I get a refund? There are 2 ways a buyers can receive a refund: 1. When item received is not as listed, customers should raise the issue with the seller and have the seller be aware of the issues. Both the buyer and seller have 7 days to resolve the dispute among themselves. The seller may choose to “Offer refund” and the buyer may choose to “Accept refund”. Once accepted, the refund will be instructed to EDCORETMS and subsequently be processed according to the timeline below. 2. If both the buyer and seller are unable to reach a resolution within 7 days, the dispute will be auto-escalated to EDCORETMS support. We may contact both buyer and seller for further information, such as proof of delivery for items or non provision of courses(cancellations). A refund will only be processed if the criteria are met.

How long does it take for me to receive my refund? Once a refund is accepted and agreed by EDCORETMS and the seller, the process may take between 14 to 21 working days to process